Dinner card (GBR)

DINER (order all day)

Cold starters, served with bread and butter

Hot smoked salmon € 11,50

Smoked ‘IJsselmeer’ eel    € 13,50

Carpaccio "AanEen " house specialty     € 12,50

Smoked ham with sun tomato and balsamic vinegar    € 11,00

Fish / meat tapas tasting only from 2 people to order    p.p. €15,00

Consisting of: warm smoked salmon, cold smoked salmon, eel, carpaccio, meats

Pieces of baquette with different kinds of toppings    € 5,00

Soups, served with baquette and aioli

Urker fishsoup filled with poached fish    € 8,50

Tomato veloute with meatballs    € 5,50

Mustard soup from the chef    € 5,80

Vegetablesoup    € 5,80

Hot starters, served with baquette and aioli

King Prawns fried in garlic butter     € 12,00

Beef tenderloin dots with soy sauce    € 12,00

Fried chicken pieces in spicy sauce    € 9,00

Funghi special with minced meat or vegetarian    € 9,50

Meal Salads, all our salads are served with baquette and butter

Salmon salad with honeymustardsauce      € 15,00

Carpaccio "AanEen" home specialty    € 15,00

Caesar salad with chicken and croutons      € 14,00

Vegan salad      € 14,00

Fish    Choice of sauce: mustard or remoulade

Salmon fillet     € 23,50*

Plaice fillet    € 22,50*

Cod fillet    € 22,50*

Young sole    € 24,50*

Fish trio salmon, cod and young sole     € 27,00


Pork medaillons     € 23,00*

Spare ribs     € 19,50

Ribroast     €21,00

Surf & Turf tournedos and gambas     € 33,00

Tournedos ± 210 gram      € 25,50*

Ribeye steak ± 250 gram    € 24,50

With all the above dishes there is a choice of the following sauces: fried mushrooms and onion, pepper sauce, mushroom sauce, satay sauce , mustard sauce, herb butter

"AanEen" speciality chicken skewer and pork tenderloin with mushroom and onion  for 2 or more persons    p.p. €22,50

Farmers schnitzel with baked onion, mushrooms, egg and cream sauce    € 19,50

Beef stew with tasting of the season     € 19,50*

Stuffed wrap vega    € 18,50

Fried chicken thigh     €19,50*

 All our main courses are served with different types of potato and vegetable dishes

*These dishes can be ordered as senior servings for € 3,00 less p.p.


Two scoops of vanilla icecream and whipped cream    € 5,00

Dame blanche: vanilla icecream with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream    € 7,00

Cream brûlée with ice cream and caramel sauce    € 8,90

Baileys and ice cream    € 7,00

Grand dessert from 2 persons    p.p. €10,50

Coffee specialities

Irish Coffee with Jameson whisky    € 7,50

Spanish Coffee with Tia Maria    € 7,50

French Coffee with Grand Marnier    € 7,50

Coffee 43    € 7,50

Italian Coffee with Amaretto    € 7,50

ple Crumble, ice cream and whipped cream    € 9,50


Highway menu:    € 19,95  p.p. 

Soup of the day with baquette and herb butter, plat du jour, two scoops of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Tasting "AanEen" in tapas:    € 34,50  p.p. 

(for 2 or more persons, reservations are required)

Cold: smoked salmon, eel, carpaccio, ham, rolls with various spreads;

Hot: prawns, beef tenderloin, fried chicken, stuffed mushroom, pork, cod, fries and salad

Expandable with duo soup and a dessert Grand    € 45,-   p.p. 

High Wijn:

between 14:00 and 18:00, on Sunday till 17:00;    € 29,95p.p. 

(from 6 persons, reservation is desired)

Our "High Wine" consists of: ten different wines (white, rosé and red)!

Enjoy our best wines combined with matching snacks.

Menu Surprise:     € 37,50  p.p.

Cold starter, soup, main course fish or meat, dessert

Menu Culinair (only per table):

reservations are required    € 59,50  p.p. 

An evening-filling 8-course super dinner, let yourself be pampered by our cook

Consisting of:  

cold starter, soup, warm starter, main course, main course, cheese board, spoon, cold sweet dessert.